RCGO Resource Center for Gynecologic Oncology

About Us

At Midwest Cacer Care,  Dr. Hunter-Hicks and Dr. John Weed focus their energy on making your care and treatment as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  We take pride in our work and look forward to meeting your healthcare needs.  

Our office will make a strong effort in being there for each patient and their family. We'll be there every step of the way for you and your healthcare.

Nurse Practitioner: Donna Fisher; Adult Nurse Practitioner, Certified in Oncology

Clinic Manager: Michelle McElroy

Chemotherapy Nurse: Kari Dodd

Laboratory Technician/ Medical Assistant: Michelle Mendyk

Dr. Hunter-Hicks with Director of F.B.I. Robert Mueller in his Washington D.C. office, being awarded the "Louis E. Peters Memorial Service Award.  "Presented in Appreciation for Outstanding Contributions to the Community and Country by The Society of Former Special Agents and The Federal Bureau of Investigation."

Dr. Verda Hicks,  M.D.


Dr. Verda Hunter-Hicks first started her education with a degree in nursing from the University of Iowa in 1976.  In 1982, her MD was completed after attending the University of Illinois, Chicago.  Her Internship was completed in the windy city, before heading out to Union Memorial Hospital, in Baltimore, Maryland, where she acquired her OB-GYN Residency.  

Dr. Verda Hicks, as a specialist in OB-GYN, started with her fellowship at Duke University Medical Center, where she was a Gynecologic Oncology Fellow for 3 years, as she completed the program in 1989.  Also completing  a second fellowship at The Central Group on educational Affairs in 1994, and Executive Graduate Certificates from Hopkins Business in Medicine,  John Hopkins School of Continuing Studies in 1999.  

A mother of four children, Dr. Hunter-Hicks has a combined 30 years of education and experience in the medical field.   A medical professional and  business woman, Verda opened the Resource Center for Gynecologic Oncology in 1999 to bring her goal of helping women live healthy, cancer free lives to fruition.  

From left: Michelle Mendyk, Kari Dodd, Michelle McElroy, Donna Fisher, Verda Hicks, Henry Hunter

Donna Fisher


Donna Fisher has a vast amount of experience as a nurse practitioner.  For over a decade,  she has dedicated herself to healthcare for women.  Since the foundation of the Resource Center for Gynecologic Oncology, in 1999, Donna's smile and friendly presence is a welcomed sight that is transparent with every patient that comes through our doors.  Donna graduated from Graceland University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.  From there, she attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City for her Masters Degree in Nursing.  She is an oncology certified nurse.   

She is a member of the American Academy Nurse Practitioners, Oncology Nursing Society and serves as the director-at-large for Southern Oncology Associated Practices(SOAP).

Kari Dodd


Kari graduated from Bryan Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1996 with a degree in Nursing.  Licensed as a registered nurse, she began her career working on the inpatient unit at Bryan Memorial Hospital caring for oncology, neurology and heart and lung transplant patients.  She became certified in oncology nursing in 1998 and has maintained certification to the present date. 

 After moving to Kansas City from Nebraska, Kari began working for Dr. Hicks as a chemotherapy infusion nurse.  Kari provides all chemotherapy drugs in our chemotherapy room.  Kari dictates your chemotherapy schedule, lab, doctor and nurse practitioner visits, ct/pet scan, blood transfusion appointments as needed for all patients currently on treatment.  Kari is a certified Chemotherapy and biotherapy provider.  

Michelle McElroy

Office Manager.

Michelle started her career with BMA, Business Men’s Assurance Co., and worked there for 23 years. She found her way into the helpful arms of Dr. Hicks, first as a patient.  A survivor of cancer, Michelle now maintains the office as an employee since 1999. 

Michelle is responsible for assisting patients and there needs.  She is tied to the organization and execution of clerical initiatives.  Michelle runs the office, while relieving any concerns that deal with scheduling, billing and overall individual needs of the patient.  If you need an appointment as a patient or need to speak to the doctor as a medical professional, Michelle helps with it all.    

Michelle Mendyk

Laboratory Technician/Medical Assistant

Michelle Mendyk is a lab technician and medical assistant and assists with all patient check in procedures.   She has been assisting Dr. Hicks since August of 2007. Michelle has two diplomas one from Concord Career Institute as a lab technician and a diploma as a Medical Assistant from Kaplan University.  Michelle helps the office maintain balance with her work with patients in the lab and in the exam rooms.  

Director's Community Leadership Award
Director's Community Leadership Award.  Presented to Dr. Verda Hunter-Hicks by the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert Mueller.  "In recognition of outstanding contribution to your community, through your unselfish dedication and leadership, our Nation's goal of safe and vibrant communities can be achieved."